E-1000 MULTI FUNCTIONAL PATTERNLESS LENS EDGER High Definition Large Color Screen with Touch-panel interface Easy Shape Modification As You Like Built-in 60 job memory Self Lens-Trace


Please note that Mineral/Glass Edging is Not Available in E1000GP-2 / GP-3 type, by replacement with a 2nd 10 degrees Finishing wheel (wider Bevel wheel) that is optimized for High-minus and wrap lens
•Multiple Language
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Turkish, French, Italian, Czech, Polish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese languages
•Available lens
CR39, Mineral Glass, Polycarbonate, Trivex and Hi-Index lens
•Touch Panel Screen
High Definition Large Color Screen with Touch-panel Interface. Various Layout Program 'BOX' or 'OPT'(Optical Center) Layout-Style selectable, yet Eyepoint, PD and FPD are also adjustable on the main screen
•Fine Grooving
The optician can check the Grooving-Line/Position in advance, under Step by Step mode. Therefore, the failure of Grooving process is greatly decreased
•Slippery Coat Edging Mode (S-Coat Mode)
The machine can cut the slippery lens such as the hydrophobic lens with the optimum stress-free program. This mode is more effective with use of an Anti-slip sheet which lens manufacturer deals in
•High Curved Lens Mode
The operator can easily cut the modern lens with extremely high curve under the 8-curved mode
•Frame Exchange Edging Mode
When re-edging a finished lens for another frame, the used lens can be re-edged after confirming whether it has sufficient dimension for the new frame
•Shape Modification of Read-in Data
The optician can change the lens size/shape which transferred from FD-80 Scanner
•Built-in 60 jobs Memory
40 jobs rotating tracedata memory + 20 jobs permanent memory
•Re-Edging Mode
Possible to re-edge, even after deblocking the lens cup
•Self Lens-Trace Mode
to convert a sample lens or a pattern plate to a shape-data by a built-in sensor without any external tracer unit
•Easy Update of software program
Possible to update the software program by changing this module