We have been supplying our optical equipment to the world for more than 30 years, and now our products
are used every day at optical glasses shops and hospitals etc in more than 50 countries with high reputation.

Though the trend of the fashionable frame and lens has been faster and more delicated than before, our optical machine is also progressing along the current trend. Now we know that a further innovation will be necessary to enable us to cope with the rapid change in the worldwide business environment without feeling content with the current situation.

Thankfully, E1000 Patternless Lens Edger received much favorable reputation from the worldwide opticians,due to the remarkable slim-compact design exceptionally in Patternless Edgers, the distinguished performance and various functions meeting a variety of the demands from opticians.

From now on, as well, we would like sincerely to contribute much to the worldwide opticians through our optical equipment.

September 2014 Takeshi Kazei : International Division Manager